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Bounty Program

The FinSystems bounty program aims to incentivize individuals to contribute to the growth and development of the project. By assigning tasks to users and rewarding them with Finsteco tokens, FinSystems hopes to engage more users in the project and accomplish more goals. The available tasks can be grouped into categories such as social media promotion, content creation, translation, bug reporting, and referral programs. The rewards for each task will be specified in Finsteco tokens.



The FinSystems bounty program is open to anyone except citizens of sanctioned countries such as North Korea. Participants must have the necessary experience or skills required to complete the assigned task, and the task will be evaluated by the FinSystems team. Tokens will be rewarded only if the task meets the team's standards.


Available Tasks

The following tasks are currently available for participants:

  • Social media promotion: Participants can share FinSystems content on social networks and receive 100 tokens. To participate, users must share the content posted by FinSystems or the link to the FinSystems website with a positive message, and then send the link to the post to the FinSystems team.
  • Content creation: Participants can create explainer videos of FinSystems' products in English and receive 5,000 - 15,000 tokens. The videos must be professional and of high quality, and interested individuals should contact FinSystems for more details.
  • Referral program: Participants can introduce others who purchase Finsteco tokens and receive compensation in our tokens.


How to Participate

To join the bounty program, users must first complete the task and inform the FinSystems team that the task is completed. Participants must also be registered on the FinSystems website to receive their rewards.


Evaluation and Payment

Once the task is submitted, the FinSystems team will evaluate it and approve completed tasks that meet the team's standards. Participants who pass the evaluation will receive their rewards in Finsteco tokens, which will appear in their account once they log in. Tokens will be delivered after the token generation event and are subject to cliff and vesting schedules outlined in the token distribution.


Fair Exchange

The FinSystems bounty program allows individuals to receive Finsteco tokens without having to purchase them, in exchange for their efforts, skills, or knowledge. The program will be expanded as FinSystems launches its first product, FinStudio. For more information about the bounty program or specific tasks, please email

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