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FinSystems Ltd.

FinSystems is engaged in the development of financial technology for financial institutions. Founded in 2016, the company has since been dedicated to creating robust and reliable systems that meet the needs of traders and investors. Initially, the firm focused on traditional financial markets, but has expanded its offerings to fully support blockchain technology and cryptocurrency markets.

Finsteco s.r.o.

Finsteco is subsidiary of FinSystems Ltd. and is primarily focused on research and development in the field of financial technology.

Finsteco s.r.o. also has two objects of business necessary to carry out business activities in the field of digital assets.

The first is the provision of virtual currency exchange services, which enables us to sell virtual currency for euros.

The second is the Provision of virtual currency wallet services, whereby we may hold, store and transfer virtual currencies.

Finsteco s.r.o.

Nivy Tower

Mlynské Nivy 5

821 09 Bratislava



Sales: + 421 911 813 332
Partnerships: + 421 910 751 115

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